1. Which products are hand made?

All crochet products including the hiru bag collection, earrings and jabot neckwear are hand made by Nadine using high quality materials and fabrics. 

2. Do you allow Returns and Exchanges?

Yes, we have a 30-day return policy and exchanges will be accpeted within 45 days after you have recieved your order. To find out more, please visit our RETURNS AND EXCHANGES page

3. How long does it take to ship out my order and how long does delivery take?

Delivery dates depend on location and product type. We regularly ship out orders within 2-3 business days unless it's a crochet product which typically take 2-3 days longer as they are hand-made items. Delivey in the Uk can take 4-7 business days and up to 2 weeks outside the UK. If shipping your order has taken longer than expected, please feel free to email us at infokadine@gmail.com. For more information on shipping and delivery, please visit our SHIPPING POLICY page.

4. Do you do custom orders?

Yes! we do make custom orders of all crochet products! However, all non-crochet products are ready-made items listed on our website. You can customize an order by requesting different colour combinations of thread or cotton wool. If you would like to customize an order, please conact us at infokadine@gmail.com

5. Do you restock sold out items?

We are constantly updating our inventory with new products and will restock sold out, wanted items. If you are interested in a currently sold out item, feel free to contact us at infokadine@gmail.com where we will give you information on which products we will be restocked or discontinued and estimated arrival time frame.

6. How quickly do you respond to emails? At what hours do you operate?

We commonly respond within 24 hrs. 

Office hours: Monday- Friday, 8am-8pm (GMT)

7. Incorrect Shipping Address- We are not responsible for incorrectly entered shipping addresses.  Please make sure all shipping and billing information is accurate prior to placing the order.